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    Thank you Professor Gutzman. The main reason for me wanting to pursue a degree in history would be for my own benefit. I have seen that, with a few exceptions such as the professors on here, there are few historians that seem to understand how important liberty really is and its place in history. I would like to contribute to the history field, even though I am going into nurse practitioning. I feel though that any contribution I could make would be worthless and hold no weight if there was no degree in history. Thank you again for replying.


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    Shalom Professor Gutzman,

    Glad I could bring something unexpected to you. That was an accident and I am not sure how or why it ended up like that. I am looking for something about the stamp act resistance, resistance against the townshend acts, and the tea act. Also any good book on christopher gadsen as well. Thank you.


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    To me the simplest answer would be perspective. One can read into the document what one see’s. It did give the government wide ranging powers. I would think Hamilton beliefs would have led him to seek power in the document where there was none to justify what he wanted done. I am sure one of the Professors can give a better answer but that is what I see when I look at it.


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    Professor Gutzman,

    Thank you for the list. I actually own A son of Thunder. It is the only biography I have of Patrick Henry. I will look into the Documentary history of the Ratification of the Constitution. I will let you know. Thank you again.

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    Thank you Prof. McClanahan. I was able to find it and printed it off.

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    To me this persists because of the ignorance of the masses. Most do not know, care to know, or do not pursue anything on these questions after they have graduated from high school. While most of the people who I see calling themselves patriots or using the phrase “we the people” have never looked at the constitution nor have they attempted to understand it. Most parrot what is said on TV or their favorite talk show host. Here they give you places to look and find this information for yourself. As far as the backroom deals and such I would agree.


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    Thank you Professor Woods. I appreciate it. We also appreciate you putting this whole website together.

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    It is the hard back copy. I Just ordered Virginia’s American revolution, Who killed the Constitution, and Brion’s book The Founding Fathers Guide to the Constitution. I look forward to reading them when they get here. I do have a question though. What Commentary on the Constitution would you recommend or Professor Brion which one would you recommend? Thank you.

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    Hello James, I would not agree with that Minnesota congressman’s statement regarding Jefferson’s Qur’an or his views regarding the religion itself. One cannot draw that kind of conclusion based on the fact that Jefferson owned a Qur’an. I myself own one as well as the apocrypha of the church such as the gospel of Thomas. I also own the Talmud and a traditional Protestant Bible. The mere owning of a book does not mean an endorsement of that religion or topic within that book.

    You could start looking for your answers. They have many writings and letters from most of the founders.

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    If anybody has any information on this topic, I would greatly appreciate it.

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    Thank you for the clarification Prof. Gutzman. I also want to take the time to tell you that I found your book, James Madison & The Making of America, Very informative and very enjoyable.

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