tacit imprisonment or naïve government?

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    With the ratification period, standing as proof for all history, as a time filled with intelligent debate (foresight on behalf of Mason, Brutus, Henry and others, that our government has too many loop-holes and commentary from proponents that what is not expressed is reserved), how is it these abuses continue to happen? Through this great website and wonderful source material, anyone can plainly see that we have grossly overstepped the parameters of what the intent of our republic is to be. In countless Supreme Court rulings and government laws made, we see this period completely usurped and treated indignantly. How can this continue, with a straight face? I would understand it far better if these charlatans would simply state, “Hey, listen, your constitution is dead, it’s anachronistic and we will no longer follow it as a modus operandi. Instead, there’s a vainglorious rhetoric paid to those men, their speeches and documents, while government pursues a contrary objective. Am I conspiratorial to think there is some “back-roomed handshake” type of government ensuing? Am I crazy for pointing out the cognitive dissidence that must go on in the average American’s brain, to tolerate this two-faced Janus? Is it too much to ask for bare consistency?


    To me this persists because of the ignorance of the masses. Most do not know, care to know, or do not pursue anything on these questions after they have graduated from high school. While most of the people who I see calling themselves patriots or using the phrase “we the people” have never looked at the constitution nor have they attempted to understand it. Most parrot what is said on TV or their favorite talk show host. Here they give you places to look and find this information for yourself. As far as the backroom deals and such I would agree.



    People generally take whichever constitutional position stands to benefit them, or to yield the outcome they prefer, at the moment. Thus, for example, there is a cottage industry of writing books supportive of the bogus Incorporation Doctrine, under the guise of which federal judges have usurped extensive state legislative power. Why? Because they like the results it yields.

    The same goes for unlimited legislative power in Congress, which is strongly supported by the AARP, the Chamber of Commerce, et al.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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