Getting a degree in history?

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    I wanted to ask the professors or others who are traveling this route, if it is worth it, what is the difficulty, and any other tips or advice one wants to give. I am in nursing school but I am interested in getting a bachelors in history as well. Thank you for your time.



    The value of a degree is entirely subjective. It depends on the reasons you want the degree and the effort you expend in obtaining it. No one can tell you how your degree will benefit you.


    Thank you Professor Gutzman. The main reason for me wanting to pursue a degree in history would be for my own benefit. I have seen that, with a few exceptions such as the professors on here, there are few historians that seem to understand how important liberty really is and its place in history. I would like to contribute to the history field, even though I am going into nurse practitioning. I feel though that any contribution I could make would be worthless and hold no weight if there was no degree in history. Thank you again for replying.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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