Don't trust the Headlines?
Then Don't trust The History

The left-wing version of events leaves you unconvinced? You’re in the right place

Dear Freedom Lover:

Tom Woods here.

I hold degrees in history from two of the world's greatest universities: Harvard (where I graduated with high honors) and Columbia (where I earned my PhD).

And I can say with certainty that there is no place on Earth where you are less likely to learn true history – or indeed many other subjects – than at an American university.

For one of my Harvard courses we had to buy our books at a godforsaken place called Revolution Books. Portraits of the 20th century’s great mass murderers adorned the walls there.

I refused to spend a dime in that store.

That was what I was up against. My courses were of two kinds: left-wing craziness or establishment fairy tales.

But that means I know the other side’s arguments inside and out – all the better to give them a good, old-fashioned thrashing

There was one other good thing about Harvard: it had an enormous library. Greats like Murray Rothbard advised me on what books I should study if I wanted to learn the truth. Those books were always sitting right there on the shelf, because (of course) nobody was assigning them.

So I read and studied and learned on my own.

In fact, when I went back to the Harvard library not long ago I flipped through an enormously significant conservative/libertarian book and realized that nobody had taken it out in about 30 years – and then realized that the person who had taken it out 30 years ago was me!

Since then I’ve gone on to write 13 books, including two New York Times bestsellers, and win high-profile debates in defense of freedom.

The problem in the universities, though, goes well beyond history. The university system nowadays is truly a disaster area all around.

Psychology and other fields recently went through something called the "replication crisis," where it was discovered that one peer-reviewed paper after another was bogus. Researchers couldn't replicate the results under identical conditions.

Whoops! Sorry we made all that stuff up!

Economics, as you probably know, is in atrocious shape. That once-noble discipline has degenerated into pseudoscience whose purpose is to lend intellectual cover to the various ways the political class pillages the public.

Even medicine has become a joke: Richard Smith, former editor of the British Medical Journal, said that the problem of medical research fraud "is huge, the system encourages fraud, and we have no adequate way to respond. It may be time to move from assuming that research has been honestly conducted and reported to assuming it to be untrustworthy until there is some evidence to the contrary."

How, dear friend, are you or your children expected to learn the truth, when what we laughingly call our institutions of higher learning are pathetic jokes?

Well, I have the answer.

But first:

Who am I?

In addition to holding those fancy degrees, I’m the New York Times bestselling author of 13 books on history and liberty, including The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History and Diary of a Psychosis: How Public Health Disgraced Itself During COVID Mania.

I’ve lectured all over the world, and my prize-winning books have been translated into over a dozen languages.

I starred with Michael Malice in the Politically Incorrect Guide cartoon series.

And at the age of 47 I was the recipient of the Hayek Lifetime Achievement Award, given in Vienna by the Hayek Institute and the Austrian Economics Center.

In short, I know what I’m talking about.

I’ve dedicated my life to studying and defending the economics, history, and philosophy of freedom, and teaching it to others.

But I realize most people don’t have the time, funds, or inclination to devote such a substantial portion of their lives to school and study like I did. And so I found the perfect solution: an online resource that can give you the equivalent of a doctoral degree in the philosophy, politics, and economics of freedom in months or even weeks instead of years.

Introducing Liberty Classroom: the premiere online university of pro-freedom thought that you can learn from at your leisure while sitting at your PC or driving in your car.

Liberty Classroom, my dashboard university that I opened in 2012, teaches the history and economics they kept from you, any time of day or night, while you're in your car or doing chores or whenever else you can listen. Wherever you have an Internet connection, you can be de-propagandizing yourself with Liberty Classroom.

With this new knowledge, you can master the facts and arguments behind the ideas you hold dear, so you can persuade all those folks out there who are still reachable that your position is correct. And you can get this education online, without leaving your home, for as little as 24 cents a day!

It’s true: there may be nothing you and I can do about the history department at Yale University. But now we can go around it.

The Issues

Liberty Classroom is one of the largest and most expertly researched and written collections of audio and video lessons and lectures on history – actual history, not the idiotic politically correct kind – and free-market economics available anywhere in the world today.

Listening to the audios or watching the videos will load you up with the facts, figures, and other ammunition you need to feel supremely confident – and come out on top – when confronted with yet another leftist or socialist true believer who expects to put you in your place. (You’ll also be prepared against neoconservatives, who – sad to say – make their own share of mistakes.)

The free market and monopolies.

Your high school teacher probably told you that the 19th-century American economy was shot through with monopolies, thanks to the free market, and that only government intervention was able to reverse the process. I was taught this, too. But it’s bunk, and we’ll give you the real story.

Was the Great Depression a case of the free market run wild?

That’s what we learned in school, but it’s not true at all. At Liberty Classroom we teach you about the Federal Reserve System – ignored in nearly all classroom discussions of the coming of the Depression – and explain what really caused the crash.

Has the free market led to exploitation of the environment?

Of course not, but that’s what we’re all led to think. When the market is allowed to function, resources are conserved and the future is provided for. By contrast, when government doesn’t allow the market or property rights to function, resources are degraded and depleted.

Repeal of the minimum wage.

These days it’s fashionable to call for a $15 minimum wage, which would amount to more than a 100 percent raise for some people. Economic studies show that increases in the minimum wage don’t hurt employment, left-liberals will say. But even if those “studies” weren’t shot through with howlers, not one of them says a 100% increase won’t hurt employment! You’ll learn the real effects of the minimum wage, and you won’t have to fear coming out second best in a debate.

The American Revolution: the real issue.

Why Americans fought the American Revolution in defense of a principle our present federal government despises.

The Presidents

Why the best presidents were the ones your teachers hated, and the worst were the ones they loved.

The problems with “liberal” interpretations of the Constitution.

Virtually all schoolchildren learn that the federal government can do pretty much anything that advances the general welfare, and that an “elastic clause” grants it a wide array of unspecified powers. This argument is indefensible, and we’ll arm you with ammunition against it.


The standard version of US history is the story of the gradual victory of progressivism and centralized power, which are supposed to have brought justice and prosperity to all.

In that version of the story – the version every schoolboy learns while sitting in a classroom with all the presidents’ portraits hung around the room – the people who rule over us are the heroes, doing their very best to make our lives better.

In our version, they’re the villains.

Meanwhile, what’s going on in the professional historical associations? Every last one of their conferences – the Organization of American Historians, the number-one such association, is a prime example – is a worthless, ideologically driven echo chamber, obsessed with race, gender, and (when they occasionally comment on current events) nonexistent "white supremacy.”

That’s what professional historians think you and your kids should be learning.

We have a different view, to say the least.

But Liberty Classroom is about more than just U.S. history – it's economics, too, taught by people who love rather than despise it. It's logic, in a world that sorely needs it. It's all these and more (we have nearly three dozen courses, with more added every year):

Our Courses include:

  • The American Revolution: A Constitutional Conflict
  • Austrian Economics Step by Step
  • The History of Conservatism and Libertarianism
  • Freedom’s Progress: The History of Political Thought
  • Introduction to Logic
  • John Maynard Keynes: His System and Its Fallacies.
  • U.S. Constitutional History
  • U.S. History to 1877
  • U.S. History since 1877
  • Western Civilization to 1500
  • Western Civilization since 1500
  • Trails West: How Freedom Settled the West
  • The History of Economic Thought
  • And many more!

Listen and get your freedom education while you mow the lawn, do household chores, or drive to work. Liberty Classroom can turn wasted or idle time into a fun, entertaining, and valuable learning experience you will treasure for life!

You can have all this, and everything we ever produce in the future, for about what you'd pay for a single course at a community college. And instead of being taught by an imbecile regurgitating the standard line, you'll be learning the real truth from real scholars.

Benefits of Liberty Classroom


Lectures range from 30 to 55 minutes. Each one is available as an mp3 audio file you can download to your iPod or iPad, or — even easier — listen to via our Liberty Classroom app (for iPhone and Android)!


Every single audio lecture is available as a video as well, so you can watch the professors deliver their talks on your screen, usually with PowerPoints and other visuals. You get access to both the audio and video versions of every course.


Your membership in Liberty Classroom – less than $8 a month – brings you all our current courses, plus all additional courses we add during your subscription period.

Additional Reading

In addition to the dozens of audio and video lectures, Liberty Classroom also provides recommended reading lists that take the guesswork out of your reading choices when you want to explore topics more in depth.

Help Defending Liberty

Or what if you’re cornered and don’t know how to answer a socialist argument you’ve never heard before? Then ask our faculty for the answer directly – either in our Q&A forums, available at all times, or in one of our monthly live sessions, in which our faculty appear on your screen and take your question in real time.

For the Whole Family

Plus, your membership privileges are not restricted to you alone. Liberty Classroom can give your children a head start in understanding the principles and politics of freedom and free enterprise – and teach them things they won’t learn in high school or college.

Learn What They Won't Teach You

Murray Rothbard

…Why Murray Rothbard says every government service should be privatized like all other goods and free-market analysis applied across the board.

Ludwig von Mises

…Ludwig von Mises on why recessions aren’t just causeless, spontaneous occurrences and are not the result of so-called “contradictions of capitalism.” They’re caused by tinkering with the free market, and particularly by pushing interest rates lower than the market wants to set them – like they are right now.

Frederic Bastiat

…Why Frederic Bastiat believes the market economy is a place of harmony, not struggle or conflict, and that in a free market, people specialize in that area in which they are best able to serve others.


Tom Woods

Brad Birzer

Dedra McDonald Birzer

Kevin Gutzman

Michael Rectenwald

Jason Jewell

Brion McClanahan

Robert Murphy

Jeff Herbener

G.P. Manish

Gerard Casey

Hunt Tooley


Many Americans, and I suspect you are among them, are deeply unhappy about the direction of our country and the world.

The federal government continues to grow more powerful, entrenched bureaucratic fiefdoms seem all but impossible to dislodge, and ever more economic manipulation by the Federal Reserve and the regime in Washington seem bound to give us another round of financial turmoil. Meanwhile, your friends, co-workers, and relatives see nothing wrong – or actually cheer it on.

You know all this is wrong, but you lack the arguments, facts, and ideas to defend the free society and the market economy to people you encounter every day.

Now, thanks to Liberty Classroom, you can get a complete education in free-market economics, enabling you to clearly and persuasively articulate the case for a free society to that large proportion of the American public whose opinions, unfortunately, sound like they came straight out of a seventh-grade textbook.


  • Are you interested in history and economics from a pro-freedom perspective, but don’t know where to begin your studies or which sources you can trust?
  • Do you wish you could defend yourself more effectively in discussions with people who call you selfish and evil for supporting a market economy, or who try to sway you to socialism?
  • Are your history teachers or professors giving you a biased view of history, and you want the facts and arguments they’re leaving out?
  • Are you tired of media propaganda and eager for the truth?

Then Liberty Classroom is for you!

Liberty Classroom gives you 100% original material – lectures written and delivered expressly for our members, and that you can’t get anywhere else!

And your instructors are some of the top dissident authors and college professors in the country – including economist Robert P. Murphy, James Madison biographer Kevin Gutzman, and Hillside College historian Brad Birzer. Again, more details on our faculty are in the column at left.

I hand-picked our faculty for their deep learning and scholarship; their ability to translate sometimes-difficult ideas into clear, simple language; and their enthusiasm for sharing their free market knowledge with others.

Many people know in their hearts their pro-freedom philosophy is correct, but don’t always have the background or training to articulate their views to uninformed leftists and other skeptics.

When you enroll in Liberty Classroom, you’ll get the education – and have the information and cogent arguments at your fingertips – to articulate your perspective and win your political and economic debates.


Readers Praise Tom Woods’ writings

“I strongly recommend Woods’ work.”
—Ron Paul, former U.S. congressman

“The smartest guy in the room.”
—Judge Andrew P. Napolitano, Senior Judicial Analyst, FOX News

“Tom Woods is one of my dearest allies in the struggle against wrong-headed and dangerous economic policy.”
—Peter Schiff

“A marvelous read. Every chapter taught me something new and unexpected.”
—Tom Bethell, senior editor, The American Spectator

“You’ve written some great stuff over the years, and you’ve contributed to the education of a lot of people, including myself.”
—David Stockman, former director of Ronald Reagan’s Office of Management and Budget

“Well written, well researched, and the thesis put forth is well argued…. Woods has opened up an area of historical analysis that should invite further study.”
—Journal of American History

“Woods appeals to both left and right in this constitutionalist jeremiad…. The author’s exegeses of the Constitution and court decisions, heavy on original intent arguments, are lucid and telling.”
—Publishers Weekly

“During these times that challenge our freedoms there is no one more qualified to make U.S. history relevant to the fight against big government than Thomas Woods.”
—Barry Goldwater Jr., former Member of Congress

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  • our Q&A forums, where you can get your questions answered by our expert faculty
  • our monthly live sessions, in which our faculty take questions and discuss issues on your screen in real time
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There’s so much defeatism in our camp these days. But I myself am not the “woe is me” type. I’m the “go around the bad guys and build something great” type.

You and I have a lot of work ahead of us to establish the kind of society we want. But that process begins with the truth – learning it, knowing it, cherishing it.

That’s where Liberty Classroom comes in.

Join us inside, and together let’s give the truth a fighting chance.

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