Patrick Henry

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    I wanted to see what you think is the best book on Patrick Henry. Not only a biography but also on his political prowess. If it is more then one that is fine. Thank you Prof. Gutzman.



    The best way to get to know his personality is by reading the record of the Richmond Ratification Convention of 1788, which is in volumes VIII-X of The Documentary History of the Ratification of the Constitution.

    Avoid Wirt’s biography. I don’t much like Beeman’s either. William Wirt Henry’s is pretty good, and it includes several letters, etc. Far the best is A Son of Thunder by Mayer. It gives you all the important details of his life and a clear impression of his personality. It also captures his principles.

    If you want more after reading those, let me know.


    Professor Gutzman,

    Thank you for the list. I actually own A son of Thunder. It is the only biography I have of Patrick Henry. I will look into the Documentary history of the Ratification of the Constitution. I will let you know. Thank you again.


    You’re welcome.

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