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    Caro’s are the best.

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    Much of this had to do with the Southern diaspora. 20 million Southerners moved west after Reconstruction. Some were populists, but most were looking to be rid of the general government in one way or another.

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    I would read Clyde Wilson or anything Shotwell Press (mostly from amateurs like Seabrook) before reading Mr. Seabrook.

    This is reading the Constitution and the founding the way Lincoln interpreted it in the Gettysburg Address, a process that Gary Wills said “revolutionized the Revolution.” In other words, you cannot interpret the Constitution–or the AOC–through the Declaration. That is an ideological position and at odds with American government, principally federalism.

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    It is dubious though I have used it. It was reported in an Ohio newspaper and then later used against Grant by people like Horace Greeley.

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    See Ludwell Johnson “North Against South,” page 79 for the direct quotes. Lincoln did not write it in his diary. O.H. Browning scribbled what Lincoln told him, but Lincoln did write to G.V. Fox that provisioning Sumter was “justified by the result,” meaning war. Johnson does a nice job on the subject, pages 74-80 in North Against South.

    See also Charles P. Roland, An American Iliad, pages 33-34.

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    Hamilton would not be in favor of the modern welfare state, but he did consider government patronage (getting vets jobs in the govt) as a way to secure support for the new central authority. He would support the expansion of federal power and the modern American empire with a virtual elected king.

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    Yes, Cruz. He is a natural born Canadian.

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    He was not bad in regard to his oath. I think he was corrupt, but what Republican wasn’t in this period?

    Glad you enjoyed the class.

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    You are correct. The Southern States seceded through popularly elected conventions which voted in greater majorities than those which ratified the Constitution. And because sovereignty cannot be divided, the States, or the people thereof, have the ability to leave a compact.

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    Under an originalist interpretation, the federal government cannot prohibit “free speech,” meaning there can be no federal law on the issue. On the other hand, the States could and did regulate speech. It is only through the faulty premise of incorporation that “free speech” is a 1st Amendment “issue” in the States.

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    There were more college educated Southerners per capita than Northerners. But, yes, education in the South was primarily a private affair, or what we would call homeschooling today.

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    SC also published another document from their secession convention that emphasized the longstanding economic grievances against the North, so that assertion is not entirely correct.

    As for the last statement, that is lunacy. The person is simply trying to enhance their argument by ignored evidence to the contrary.

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    On this line of thinking then the Declaration of Independence was also propaganda. Propaganda is not the correct word.

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    I’ve got nothing here.

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