James Garfield

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    Thoroughly enjoyed the course. My favorite president has long been James Garfield. I think even for his short presidency he’s a largely underrated president, and he seemed like the type of person the founder’s envisioned being a president; a guy that really didn’t want the job and in how he dealt with the spoils system. He was a firm proponent of the gold standard, and I think had he been able to serve a full term that he could’ve cracked the top 10. Acknowledging that I have a a bit of a fanboy hero worship thing for him, so much so I wrote one of my first college English papers arguing that his assassination was a conspiracy setup by Roscoe Conkling, and that this is more of a speculative question than a factual one. How do you rate Garfield’s short presidency in terms of how he honored his oath to the Constitution?


    He was not bad in regard to his oath. I think he was corrupt, but what Republican wasn’t in this period?

    Glad you enjoyed the class.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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