Was SC Ordance of Secession Propoganda?

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    Was the SC ordnance of secession used as propaganda? The article states that:

    “The document, however, omits to mention that the Republican government was committed to the preservation of slavery in the states where it existed. To do so would weaken its effect as propaganda.” The document was intended for southern domestic political consumption–to “fire the southern heart”–to inflame the citizens against the North.” Abraham Lincoln understood what they were about. That is why he referred to the slavery agitation in the South as an “artificial crisis.”



    On this line of thinking then the Declaration of Independence was also propaganda. Propaganda is not the correct word.


    I see what you mean. Thanks Professor.


    That essay is itself propaganda. So, for example, Lincoln had said for years by the time he was inaugurated that his program would ultimately lead to the end of slavery everywhere, and that he hoped it would.

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