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    My name is Eric Cullen. I live in Massachusetts and am currently working at Dunkin Donuts as a cashier/server. I love to play and write music for the guitar and keyboard which I started a couple years ago. I also write poetry on many subjects, of which I have written one on Chairman Bernanke showing how evil he is with my rhymes, that I might even show if a thread gets started showcasing people’s art on liberty.

    I have always been about freedom, growing up as a happy child who knew that I was my own end and everyone their own, so liberty came easy to me. Thankfully I have always based ideas on facts and have been skeptical of government. Knowledge of the Federal Reserve came from the documentary The Money Masters, which then opened the door to Ron Paul and others. I have read most of Ayn Rand, and have started much of my own research on Western Civilization. I highly recommend Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal by Ayn Rand.


    Howdy everyone. My name is Tom Siler and live in the great State of Ohio. I heard about this website on the Mike Church show on Sirius radio. I’ve always loved history, especially that of the US and thought this was a great way to continue that love.


    Well, a little about me: I enjoy littering,the taste of burnt hair, justifiable arson, putting catnip in rat traps, the high notes raccoons make when you burn them out of their nests, the sound of fingernails giving way to a pair of pliers, making puppets out of body parts found in dumpsters, and am believer in the capitalistic system!

    Nice to meet you all!


    Well, if that didn’t scare you away than it’s best to say that I’m a college sophomore that has ran into this site, and would like to learn about “true” history, and do have some interest in a political science or history degree since, the subject of History just fascinates me.


    Hi. My name is Kenn Williamson. I’m 29 (two weeks till thirty) and I’m an engineer in Tulsa. Tom Woods is one of my heroes. I’m a daily reader of and a big supporter of Ron Paul. I have listened to many lectures by Dr. Woods and Dr. Murray Rothbard on, also Walter Block and others. I consider myself a Rothbardian anarcho-capitalist. I can’t wait to watch all the lectures on American History and to have great intellectual discussions with other members. Thank you Dr. Woods for setting up this site and I hope it gets hundreds of members.


    Mark Kreslins checking in. I’m co-host of The Forgotten Men show broadcast every Saturday from 12:00-2:00 on AM 930, WFMD and on he web at

    We are HUGE supporters of Dr. Woods and Dr. Gutzmans efforts with the Liberty Classroom and look forward ourselves to learning the history we’ve never been taught!

    If you have time, join us on air this week, Professor Woods will be on the show.


    Hi everyone. My name is Randall Malboeuf and I’m from Massachusetts. I was an apethetic Republican for most of my life. I was under the false impression that the left was bad and the right was good. The left was big government and the right was small. I guess it is easy to think that way if you don’t pay attention and just go by each party’s rhetoric.

    My family started getting interested in what we considered healthy eating and we discovered how corrupt and inefficient the federal agencies involed with food and health were. The FDA, USDA etc… At that point I only believed that it was limited to some agencies but I quickly discovered that it applied to all of government. It was a constant letter writing campaign to get them to stop some piece of legislation. At that time I noticed that there was this Congressman in Texas who always seemed to be on our side but I didn’t really pay too much attention to him until 2007 when I started following his run for the presidency. What an awakening that was.

    Through following Ron Paul I was led to great organizations like The Mises Institute, and The Independant Institute and great freedom fighters like Lew Rockwell, Tom Woods, Robert Higgs and all the great writers at Lew’s site. I started reading everything from these guys and everything they recommended I read. I took a bunch of Mises Academy classes when they started up and now I am here and I would say that I am more excited about Liberty Classroom than I have been about anything up to this point.

    I’ve read most of Tom’s books and have some more in my pile to read. I have a couple of Kevin’s books in that pile as well. I’ve listened to countless hours of Tom’s speeches and can not think of anyone else I would like to learn from more.

    I’m looking forward to the days of real education that are ahead of me.


    My name is Thomas Bivens and I am college graduate with an IT background currently seeking work. My introduction to the Liberty was, like most people, through Ron Paul.
    A friend had posted a Ron Paul vid on his facebook wall and I have been watching them ever since. My introduction to Tom was through Lew Rockwell’s speech at Rally for the Republic when i watched it on CSPAN. I now have in favorites and check it everyday. From there I ended up following all the major players in the Liberty Movement.
    I had always loved history, and Tom (along with others like Dilorenzo and the Professors here like Jewell) provided a refreshing view of history. I now qoal finding myself listening to many videos over the course of my day.

    Cannot wait for the economics course.

    My only further suggestion would be to have a forum for Course Suggestions(example:Health and Fitness with Mark Sisson)


    Whats up fellow liberty lovers. My name is Irven Hill. I live in Rigby Idaho. I am 33 years old. I run an excavation business with my dad and brother. I also have a a sole proprietorship taxi business which I operate in Idaho Falls Idaho.

    I was basically born a libertarian, but tinkered with some neocon tendencies in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. From 2003 until 2007 I was a “libertarian republican” without a home. I was a huge fan of Ron Paul, but never found the Mises institute until 2010 after I stumbled across a youtube video from Walter Block on the privatization of roads and highways. I have read the Di Lorenzo collection from the Institute and various other books, including Human Action(probably would need to read it ten times before it sunk all the way in on me). I love real American history and I enjoy economics. Woods, and Di Lorenzo really bring me in with the combo that they present. I am currently reading Madison and the making of America by Gutzman(recommend to all).

    All in all, I am a self educated entrepreneur and contrarian with no more than a high school diploma–worthless, I might add–who seeks anything I can to expand my knowledge in defense of the free society. I take great joy in debating with–and schooling–college educated statists from the left and right.

    Liberty classroom is an awesome idea. Thank-you to Tom, Kevin and the others who have put it together. It is another resource that this ditch digger will benefit greatly from. I can’t wait for the economic part of the site.

    My high school teachers express their thanks also for not having anything like liberty classroom in the late 90’s.


    Hello. My name is Joseph Fetz, and if you’ve been around the more libertarian and/or Austrian oriented sites around the net, then you’ve probably seen me pop up here and there. I am a Marxist turned conservative turned libertarian, so I’ve essentially done a political 180º over the past 15 years or so. While I was always into learning the social sciences, I didn’t really get deep into Austrian economics until about 2006 or so, basically about the time I became more aware of Ron Paul. Before this time I was primarily a neoclassical economically. I am also a Navy vet, which you can read about at this link: Today I work in the demolition field and I absolutely hate it. LOL

    I’ve always been a student of history, but over the past 5 years I’ve gotten far more into economics, political philosophy, ethics and epistemology. However, lately I’ve been wanting to get back into studying history, but there is only so much time in the day. BOOM, next thing I know Tom is coming out with this thing, and he’s got Kevin Gutzman and Jeff Herbinger involved in it (sorry, I’m just getting familiar with the other guys). So, as you can imagine, it made sense to try it out.

    Anyhow, that’s my abridged story, and I look forward to seeing you guys around. Hopefully, this thing turns into a success. I think that it will, because I have a pretty high standard and I am impressed thus far.



    P.S. I currently live in Cleveland, Ohio. I am 32 years old. People tell me that I am smart, but I don’t believe them. My absolute favorite hobbies are writing music, as well as practicing/playing guitar, bass, drums, and piano. My next favorite hobbies are online debate, teaching, audio production, hiking and bicycling. I’m a pretty laid back and easy going guy.


    Hi everyone! My name is Matej Ogorevc, I’m 27 and I am from Slovenia, a small country of 2 million in Southern Central Europe (we used to be the northmost country of ex Yugoslavia), we’ve been a member of EU since 2004.

    I received a BA in economics from the local Faculty and later enrolled into a masters program called Money and Finance here, a masters in mainstream macroeconomics, but dropped out rather quickly since it was predominantly a course in advanced mathematics, and also for lack of time.

    I own a business with my brother which we inherited from our mother and we deal predominantly in importing, wholesaling and retailing sewing machines and related products, though we had to expand into various other fields since the crisis took away a big portion of our existing business. We work pretty much round the clock for a salary every factory worker would go on a strike for to keep the business afloat.

    I am also a musician, played guitar in a rock band for 10 years and I still do a bit of playing and recording in my spare time. When I was a kid of 2 and 1/2 years my family moved to Berkeley for a year, which is where I learned the language and ever since I have this strong urge to go back one day and live there. Though I have to say it has been relenting lately due to all the developments you are no doubt familiar with. I have two blogs on economics, one in English and one in Slovene.

    I am here because I have this weird obsession for obtaining knowledge in economics and history that isn’t shared by most of the people I know. When I was in college most of the info I got either did not make complete sense or was contradictory (big news, right). Fortunately I stumbled across a book called Empire of Debt, which for the first time made a lot of sense to me even as it is not an Austrian book. But I started researching a bit and found Peter Schiff’s videos on YouTube where he once said something to the tune “that’s not why we had the depression, read Rothbard’s book”. The rest is history.

    I have this romantic notion that we can change things so I came here to get the tools, meet like-minded people and get in contact with some of the teachers who have inspired me and from whom I have learned so much in the past.


    Hello, my name is Robert Chesser. I am a 62 year old practicing physician. I was never very interested in history until the last few years,but as I get older it is much more interesting. I am here because I want to learn more. I am interested in some of the discussion groups. I have watched some of the lectures and find them very informative. I look forward to learning more and watching the site develop.


    Hello, My name is Manny Fernandez and I am from Florida. I am in IT and spent the last 20 years reading about technology and a card carrying member of the Republican party. I always knew I did not agree with the Republicans and I knew I did not agree with the Democrats. I was in limbo. One day, I read Atlas Shrugged and my life was changed. I felt like I found a long lost family member that knew everything I thought. I later found Dr. Paul and that was the turning point for me. I have dedicated the alst 5 years of my life’s free time to reading. I stopped wathcing Fox except for Stossel and The Judge. I have read everything I can find from Woods, Gutzman, McClanahan, Mises, Hayek, our founding fathers and cant get enough. I hope to gain more knowledge with regards to our founding. I believe you cant know where you are going if you dont know where you have been. Hope to engage with all members here. Already did the Colonial Background video. AWESOME! Thanks


    Hello. My name is Luke from Kingman, Arizona. I’m a 29 year old Navy Submarine Veteran turned college student(going for electrical engineering). Got out of the Navy in 09 and immediately took an interest to the Austrian school after hearing Ron Paul in the 07-08 debates. I just didn’t have time to really get into it until I became a civilian again. Since then I’ve been reading everything related to this subject I possibly can. I figure 99$ for a year, considering pending inflation, is a pretty good deal for the buyer so i’m in. I’m hoping to soak up as much information as possible.


    So many interesting people, I wish we were taking this class live, or at least that all of you were in my livingroom watching it with me!

    I am a 33yo homeschooling mother of 5 kiddos. We live in Central Illinois, countrified city folk, giving our kids lots of room to explore, freedom to choose what they learn, but also lots of hard work- good for character! They rise to the occasion and take their responsibilities very seriously. We raise sheep, chickens and rabbits. Next year we will begin producing our own raw dairy from our sheep. I’m a foodie, and lean strongly towards the paleo diet.

    Ron Paul is one of our heroes! When I became interested in homeschooling about 8 years ago when my oldest daughter was preschool age, I began reading everything I could about it. I stumbled upon the writings on John Holt, John Taylor Gatto, Charlotte Mason and other educational thinkers who preferred putting control over what children learn into the hands of the children themselves– giving them the freedom to learn what they love, for children come to this earth hungry for learning and eager to learn! What happens to children to make them hate learning as they get older? They are forced to learn!

    I read the book “A Thomas Jefferson Education” which goes very much along the same lines as these, but emphasized how important it is for a free society to be educated (rather than highly trained as our society is now,) and also the importance of educational example set by the parent or mentor. This set me off into reading as much as I could about history and as many classics as I could get my hands on.

    This led me to opening my eyes to my complete and utter lack of real education! I became very interested in the constitution and in government, and in 2007, learned about Ron Paul, and that started my political activism, though my efforts have been meager, as I balance the responsibilities of being a patriot with those of being a homeschooling mother. Raising my children in a state of freedom will prepare them to be free and to value freedom when they are grown.

    We are devout Mormons, and one of the central tenants of our belief is the agency to choose is a gift from God and Satan’s desire is to exert force over us, so naturally, a voluntaryist political philosophy is second nature for me. I wish more of my fellow Mormons understood liberty, but unfortunately, society as a whole has lost this understanding.

    I love learning about history, and I have been addicted to Tom Woods videos for the past several years, so how could I pass up this phenomenal opportunity?!

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