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    My name is Bernie LaForest. I am a retired Navy Chief and work in a coal fired powwer plant. I too have read a lot of books from the faculty here and look forward to learning more here.

    Heck, this is what you do when you are living through the end of an empire. If they step on the gas and hasten the conclusion, I am willing to apply what I have learned in the later years in my life to help rebuild it.


    Hello fellow students my name is Steve Peckey. I am a private chef and stay at home dad for the past two years. I have also read many of the books from the faculty and can thank Dr Woods for opening up a whole new world to me from the “standard” history that is taught in public schools. I have become a fan of Dr Woods work and that of the Mises Institute over the last few years and that has led me to Liberty Classroom.

    I am looking forward to many happy hours here. You can find me in the back of the room with the Dead tie-dye on.


    hi, my name is David, been in math and science my whole career, PhD in radiation physics working at a hospital cancer care center treating cancer patients with external beam radiation. only recently became interested in American History, politics, etc. now that I have some extra time (ashamed to say), but thank goodness for satellite radio and internet and this “true” sensible commentary by such esteemed authors. Currently reading “The Founding Fathers guide to the Constitution”, Brion McClanahan and “Rethinking the American Union for the Twenty-First Century, Donald Livingston.

    what bothers me is while growing up (way before Internet, cell phones, etc. actually an Encyclopedia user) I would hear one party’s side of the story and then the other’s and believed them both so I was left not really understanding the process. I want to believe that today’s youth is more informed, I fear not.

    I’m excited about digging into these courses, nice to meet everyone.
    and a huge kudos for the this website and all it’s brainiacs


    oh, forgot to mention, born and raised Georgian, and can finally say that our great peach state no longer can be accused of sending the worst President to the White House (no offense intended)


    Hi my name is Heather. I recently acquired an Associates in Business technology with a specialization in Management. It was through my beginning studies into Economics that I have gained an interest in History, especially the political/economic aspects. I am a new member at Liberty classroom and have just begun the lecture series. I look forward to learning the TRUTH about history and laying aside the fallacies that have made their way into our society. I have four children and hope to pass this knowledge on to them as well.


    Hello all,

    My name is Randy Butler, live in Longview, Texas. I am 43 years old, no college but I have a vast life education. I wont burden you with my life history but I am a former neocon who was cured from my apathy last year. Since, I have tried as much as I can to relearn history and to know what true patriotism is outside of towing a party line.

    I want to thank all those that have worked so hard putting this website together. I know I have enjoyed every lecture I have watched. I have also ordered several of the books mentioned to further my reeducation. I have also tried my best in putting the word out about this site. Had one referral join the very day I did.

    Hopefully more people will wake up from their apathy and may just maybe, the next revolution will be sooner than later.

    Thanks again to you all.

    Randy Butler


    Hello im what you guys would call a neo con.

    I am subscribed to the Peter Schiff show, I have read Delorenzo’s- Hamiltons Curse over 30 times( one of the most importnt history books ever written). I love the Von Misses site and I think that Thomas Woods is one of the most important thinkers/writer of our day.

    I find libertarian thought fascinating and highly educational. I’m a firm believer in the Austrian school and wish to continue to grow and learn.

    Although not a libertarian myself (my libertarian friends call me a conservative my conservative friends call me a libertarian…liberals just call me names…around here I guess I would be a Reaganite,) one can not be any kind of conservative without a strong libertarian background on economics.

    so here I am.

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