Reply To: Introductions


Whats up fellow liberty lovers. My name is Irven Hill. I live in Rigby Idaho. I am 33 years old. I run an excavation business with my dad and brother. I also have a a sole proprietorship taxi business which I operate in Idaho Falls Idaho.

I was basically born a libertarian, but tinkered with some neocon tendencies in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. From 2003 until 2007 I was a “libertarian republican” without a home. I was a huge fan of Ron Paul, but never found the Mises institute until 2010 after I stumbled across a youtube video from Walter Block on the privatization of roads and highways. I have read the Di Lorenzo collection from the Institute and various other books, including Human Action(probably would need to read it ten times before it sunk all the way in on me). I love real American history and I enjoy economics. Woods, and Di Lorenzo really bring me in with the combo that they present. I am currently reading Madison and the making of America by Gutzman(recommend to all).

All in all, I am a self educated entrepreneur and contrarian with no more than a high school diploma–worthless, I might add–who seeks anything I can to expand my knowledge in defense of the free society. I take great joy in debating with–and schooling–college educated statists from the left and right.

Liberty classroom is an awesome idea. Thank-you to Tom, Kevin and the others who have put it together. It is another resource that this ditch digger will benefit greatly from. I can’t wait for the economic part of the site.

My high school teachers express their thanks also for not having anything like liberty classroom in the late 90’s.