Why Mises Matters

This resource page accompanies my video “Why Ron Paul Admires Ludwig von Mises”:

For a quick and absorbing summary of the life of Mises, see Murray N. Rothbard, Ludwig von Mises: Scholar, Creator, Hero.

For an even quicker treatment, see “The Brilliance and Bravery of Ludwig von Mises,” by Danny Sanchez.

If you’re more ambitious, and would enjoy a biography that also happens to convey the sweep of twentieth-century economic thought, read Mises: The Last Knight of Liberalism. (Available online here.)

On the socialist calculation problem, read Mises’ classic essay online.

Here’s Professor Joseph Salerno explaining Mises’ argument about economic calculation under socialism:

For a quick overview of Mises’ theory of the business cycle, check out this video, which is an excerpt someone took from a lengthier speech by a somewhat fatter Tom Woods:

For a more detailed presentation, check out the business cycle resources on our Learn Austrian Economics page.

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