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This page serves two purposes. First, it contains samples from our courses (which, by the way, are downloadable to be watched or listened to at your leisure rather than delivered live) here at Liberty Classroom.

Second, it serves as a central location where I can post the resource pages I create for some of my videos. In order to keep my videos at a reasonable length, I refer people to a resource page for more information. With the passage of time, people began asking for a resource page containing all the resource pages! So this page contains a bunch of them, with more to come.

Liberty Classroom Samples

The juicier topics are reserved for members, but these videos give you a sense of the caliber of the faculty and the knowledge you can expect to acquire from our courses. Click here to view half of our course on U.S. Constitutional History.

(You do not need to view the lectures if you prefer mp3 audio files, and any PowerPoints used in the lectures are available to you as stand-alone files for later viewing.)

From Western Civilization to 1500, here’s the introductory lecture:

From Western Civilization Since 1500, here’s “Renaissance Humanism”:

From Introduction to Logic, here’s “Logic: Who Needs It?”

From U.S. History to 1877, here’s “The Southern Colonies and the Celts”:

From Austrian Economics, Step by Step, here’s an excerpt from “Booms and Busts, Part 2”:

From U.S. History Since 1877, here’s an excerpt from “The Progressive Era”:

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The Woods Resource Pages

Learn Austrian Economics
(The Austrian School of economics, which boasts such greats as F.A. Hayek, Ludwig von Mises, and Murray Rothbard, is enjoying a renaissance. This link will help you get started on your program of self-education.)

The Euro in One Lesson

No, World War II Was Not Good for the Economy

Presidential War Powers: What Does the Constitution Say?

Should We Fear Deflation?

What’s Wrong with GDP?

The Truth About Sweden

What the Constitution Says About Money

An Introduction to Sound Money

The Great Depression: Who Was Right?

Who Was Ludwig von Mises?

State Nullification: What Is It?

Nullification: Answering the Objections

Nullification and the NDAA

Economic Cycles Before the Fed

War: Big Government’s Best Friend

Austrian Business Cycle Theory: Answering the Critics

Inflation, Deflation, and Money