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    I saw an article on Drudge trying to say that the latest record jobs report is due to the tax cuts. How can we explain the fact that it is a continuation of a trend started under Obama, as shown in the BLS graph below? What’s the cause of this, if not Obama’s bailouts and monetary expansions?


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    Interesting parallels. Where would one go to measure investment spending? What’s the metric?

    Thank you as always!

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    What caused the recovery? How should one respond to people saying Obama got us out of the crisis?

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    The UK encompasses Scotland, England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

    Great Britain encompasses England, Scotland, and Wales.

    The best way to remember it is that Great Britain is the whole land mass, whereas the UK has a portion of the emerald island.

    England is its own sovereign country.

    England came first as its own country after the Anglo Saxon kingdoms merged.

    In 1707, it merged with Scotland to become the Kingdom of Great Britain.

    In 1800, Ireland merged.

    Then in 1922, southern Ireland won their independence from the English and established the Republic of Ireland.

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    Professor Herbener,

    What should we make of the idea that wages are stagnating?

    What should we make of this graph, which seems to show that the relationship between worker productivity and wage growth has ceased to be as connected as it used to be?

    Is it true that wage growth is always tied to capital investment?

    Thank you

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    Madison said that it was impossible to confine a government to the exercise of expressed powers.

    But that’s not the same as saying he supported Marshall’s broad construction of that clause. I suggest checking out his letter to Spencer Roane about McCullough v. Maryland or his attack of the Bank Bill. Dr. Gutzman’s Madison book goes through this and is worth buying.

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    Other than Madison’s Virginia speech, what is the most significant exchange shedding light on the meaning of the words “the people”? Was there one in the Philadelphia Convention that can prove that the meaning was hashed out in front of the representatives of ALL the states?

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    I’ll look up Nicholas’s speech.

    Did Chisholm v. Georgia run amok of this conversation in Virginia?

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    Thanks for taking the time to respond to all of my questions.

    I think I’m still missing something though. Are we to understand that there’s a difference between a Constitution, a compact, and a league, as Madison and Daniel Webster said?

    It seems to me almost that those things had different meanings to the people discussing them.

    How are we to interpret the Convention’s support for Madison’s position favoring a constitution over Ellsworth favoring a league in the conversation about leagues v. constitutions when he said that, in your words, “the law of nations said that any breach of a league freed the other parties of their obligation, but the same was not true of breach of a constitution.”

    This seems incompatible with the idea that a. It’s a compact and b. A breach of the compact authorizes rescission of one or more of the parties.

    How am I misinterpreting this?

    Thanks again for all your time!

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    Great! Thanks for the suggestion

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    Thanks so much for the response.

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    Also, why did Jefferson, when referring to the Jay Treaty scandal and the possibility of the Western states leaving say that if they were to do so, “We are incapable of a single effort to retain them.” and that “it cannot be done.”?

    Am I correct in interpreting that to mean that, in light of the rest of the quote and his comments in his inaugural address that, he disapproved of efforts to “retain” seceding states, and was just stating the fact that it was impossible as a practical matter?

    Thank you!!

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    I don’t understand.

    Also, I wasn’t trying to debate or instigate. Obviously you’re way more knowledgeable than any of us here, which is why we’re here. Just trying to figure out why.

    Thanks again

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    Could you please explain why the VA instrument has a superior claim to that over the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut (1639), the Mayflower Compact (1620), or even the New Hampshire Constitution (January 1776)?

    Thank you very much!!

    -John Winters
    Ithaca, NY

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    How is it possible to have a recovery or normalization of credit markets in light of the Obama administration and the Fed’s polices that haven’t changed at all?

    My understanding was that we’re experiencing a false inflationary boom…are we in fact seeing a real recovery?

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