Women In The Workplace

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    I have had this theory for a while and I would love some feedback from the professors as well as members.

    The left likes to take credit for Women’s Lib for more and more women going into the workplace. If I am not mistaken the trend started in the 60s and pushed hard in the 70s.

    I do wonder how true that really is….

    I have often felt the stagnation of the 70s also played a huge role. Would so many women leave home to go to work without all the economic pressures and the need for a two parent income. I know this was the case for my mother. For much of the 60s, she didn’t work, but was forced to go to work during the early 70s when I was just five years old or so as my grandmother watched over me until I was in school.

    I do wonder how many women would have full times jobs if a family could survive on one income source?


    I have long held a similar view but have never bothered to research the topic. I wonder if Professor Herbener has any thoughts on this matter?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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