Why Professors Hate The Market

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    Hi Dr. Woods,

    I am reading “The Left, The Right, & The State” by Lew Rockwell, which you have recommended. It is certainly a great read. I am curious about a story in Chapter 37, entitled “Why Professors Hate The Market,” in which Rockwell writes:

    Thank goodness, the situation in elite schools is not representative of all universities. I know a historian who had impeccable credentials but had a hard time finding a position that reflected his qualifications. There was no other reason than that he was the wrong color (white), wrong sex (male), and held the wrong political views (conservative and free market). He ended up in a small college hardly anyone has heard of. On the other hand, he was astonished to find a very competent faculty filled with like-minded colleagues. It was a veritable haven of white male conservatives who had been shut out of name universities!

    I see that this chapter was written in June 2000 and wondered whether or not it was you to whom he was referring. Care to shed any light on this?

    Best regards,


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