Why don't I hear about Israel Kirzner?

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    I was reading “An Introduction to Austrian Economics” and the name Israel Kirzner was mentioned. Apparently, along with Rothbard, he was a student of Mises. I am curious as to why I never hear his name come up as references in books on economics. Most references I see are from Rothbard.


    Kirzner wrote no general treatise on economics. Instead, his writings tend to be topical. His most well-known work, for example, is on entrepreneurship. So, unless you have an deeper interest in the topics he addresses, Kirzner isn’t the best source for being introduced to Austrian economics.

    Joe Salerno discusses Kirzner in the context of the Austrian school:



    Personally, I am a big fan of Kirzner’s essay on the Pure Time-Preference Theory of interest, as reprinted in Professor Herbener’s book on that subject:


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