Why Abraham Lincoln “Mr. Abusive” Bastard son of Sam Davis, Jeff Davis’ father

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    It might have been in my grandfather’s writings that I read Abraham Lincoln was the bastard son of Sam Davis, Jeff Davis’ father. Lincoln was conceived in the same state, Kentucky, Sam Davis was living a month before Jeff Davis was born, June 3, 1808. When Sam could not have relations with his wife, eight months pregnant, May 1808, lore has it Sam went less than 100 miles up the road from his homestead located on the border between Christian and Todd counties, Kentucky to Hodgenville, Kentucky, where Lincoln was born, and had a wam, bam thank you mam or possibly an affair with Abe’s mother. Nancy Lincoln became pregnant by Sam Davis and had Abe nine months later, February 12, 1809. Sam Davis moved his large family, 10 children, from Sam’s homestead in what’s now Fairview, Kentucky to Bayou Teche, St. Mary Parish, Louisiana a year after Lincoln was born, 1810. By the time Abe Lincoln was born, his FINO, Thomas Lincoln owned two 600 acre farms and was among the richest men in the county. By 1816 Thomas Lincoln had lost all of his lands in court cases because of faulty property titles. Nancy pregnant, Sam Davis moves his family to Louisiana, Thomas Lincoln loses all his lands. Hum. A scorched earth Hatfields’ and McCoys type feud between the Davis’ and Lincolns? Lincoln’s War a continuation of his father and his FINO wars which some gave another name to the War of Northern Aggression. Brother Against Brother? Lincoln and Jeff Davis look alike and if something can happen sometimes it does. Truth can be stranger than fiction. Lincoln’s Wiki bio states he’s a descendant of Samuel Lincoln. Interestingly may be half correct. Wiki got the Samuel right.

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