Which to read first: The Theory of Money and Credit, or Human Action?

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    I finished reading Man, Economy and State a couple of weeks ago, and am now almost finished with Hoppe’s A Theory of Socialism and Capitalism (reading this before moving onto Power & Market, as most of it seems to be an expanded Chapter 12 of ME&S).
    Now, after reading Power & Market I would like to tackle Mises, and so, I’m wondering which you’d recommend first, The Theory of Money and Credit or Human Action?

    P.S. The only book I’ve read solely on monetary theory is Hulsmann’s The Ethics of Money Production.



    I know your question is addressed to Dr Woods but I’ll give you my unsolicited two-cents-worth.

    My first contact with Mises came through reading The Theory of Money and Credit. Because it addressed my immediate concerns (e.g. the nature of money) I found it gripping. As soon as I had finished I started on Mises’s other works, beginning with Human Action. Again, I found this to be unputdownable.

    My general advice, however, would be to start with Human Action and move on from there. Of course, everybody is different and it’s always better to read around your live interests.

    Enjoy reading Mises!


    I addressed my question to Tom only because I wished to get, at least, his answer. I ended up asking a shortened version of the question during this month’s Live Session, and received an answer. Of course, I welcome yours as well. He too suggested beginning with Human Action (which I wanted to begin with anyway).

    Thanks, Dr. Casey.

    P.S. I’m enjoying your History of Political Thought course immensely.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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