Wealth & Freedom: Ireland's Anarchy

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    I just had a chance to watch the Q & A with Dr. Casey and was interested in the 1000 years of anarchy in Ireland. I have briefly heard of this before when listening to Rothbard’s Conceived in Liberty but still do not know much about it.

    My current understanding is that, as I’ve heard several others say as well, the natural results of adhering to liberty (respecting others’ property and persons) are productivity and wealth for the society. If Ireland had such a rich tradition of respecting individual’s property and persons for such a long time, is there evidence of historical wealth production from that era? I often hear of the wealth generated by the trade in the decentralized northern Italian cities and the Champagne fairs in France in the 12th and 13 centuries, but I’ve never heard of the trade in Ireland. Any input?

    Edit: I just started this topic in Western Civ to 1500 since I thought it would be more appropriate over there.


    I would go ahead and ask Dr. Casey about this in the logic forum, even though it’s not about logic.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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