Vietnam war and travel

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    Enjoyed the info packed 40 min lecture on the Vietnam war. Watched 2x. Once before and now after my trip through country. Started in Saigon with War Remanants museum. About as anti-American a museum I’ve been in but simply used raw war images and US General quotes. Had agent orange room.

    In Hue to see the Austin car that Duc used. Hoi An where the 1st Marines landed on China Beach to be met by girls with flowers. A 12 hr bus ride on DMZ tour to Khe San abandoned Marine base. Makes you wonder what the hell they were thinking digging in so deep in the jungle. Vin Moc tunnels.

    Just to hear the guides call it the “American War” describing it as liberation from the imperial powers. And they love this General Giap. More than Ho. Who drew the U.S. into the jungle and attacked in the city.

    It may still be Communist but the streets are full of capitalism (and mopeds).

    Thanks, Jim

    PS also traveled to Greece after Jason’s course.


    Glad you enjoyed the lecture. I have a friend who travels to Vietnam quite often. He loves it there.


    I recommend Van Tien Dung’s memoir _Our Great Spring Victory_ for a North Vietnamese view of the final conquest of South Vietnam.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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