US Nukes Japan for 170,000 tons of gold Golden Lily Gold

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    A few years ago I bumped in to the subject of the 170,000 tons of gold Japan is alleged to have stolen from China and other Eastern Asia countries over a 50 year period. There are a couple of names for this massive horde of gold but my favorite name for it is the Golden Lily Gold. This gold was found stored in like 170 caves in Indonesia. The US is alleged to have ended up with this gold and has it stashed somewhere. Actually it is alleged this gold is used to promote a world shadow government which some name the NWO. It struck me recently, after watching a movie on Japan, that one of the reasons for W2 was to find this gold and steal it for the NWO. Also the idea struck me that one of the reasons Japan was to surrender unconditionally was the NWO knew Japan would not and this would give the NWO an excuse to nuke Japan. Also another reason for nuking Japan was to put pressure on Japan to reveal where this massive stash of gold was hidden. How much is 170,000 tons of gold? A lot. The world gold miners mine around 2500 tons of gold per year.

    Jason Jewell

    Rand, this is all new to me. Could you point me to some of the evidence supporting this account of a huge gold stash?

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