Tom Woods is a jerk

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    I was watching a video on youtube, Tom’s Catholic Church- Builder of Civilization series. Imagine my chagrin when I heard a phrase tom spoke that I had uttered word for word earlier in the day thinking myself clever and original. This statement was not mightily significant and at least you would think I would be proud in someway to have similar mentations to Tom other than “the” and “it is”. Instead I’m fraught by the realization that somewhere and at some time someone has already had my thoughts, even the inane and absurd. Here I am at a libertarian school where the individual is held in such esteem and yet I wonder what it is to even be an individual, Descartes said “Except our own thoughts, there is nothing absolutely in our power.” so what is in my power but to think that which has already been thought and what is the individual but an amalgamation of the masses. This will not preclude my coffee from reaching my lips in the morning but it does give me pause to consider.

    I am a person who knows something about a lot of things but not a lot about anything. This has permeated every aspect of my life, I am much more adept to starting than finishing. I get a working knowledge of something and move on to the next, in this classroom despite my desire to be orderly I find myself constantly jumping around, this has been particularly troublesome in regards to the logic course. I can pick out a no true scottsman fallacy but I am remiss to explain what a syllogism is. I have a voracious thirst for knowledge but feel constrained by time. The unknowable aside I can’t help think I will never know more than one percent of what is out there and this does affect the trajectory of my coffee.

    Tom, I do not personally find the concept of God in the religious sense particularly helpful, however I found your Catholic Church series quite useful as I value truth more than conjecture and opprobrium. I wish you continued success.

    Let me guess, liberty classmates “you were thinking the same thing”

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