This article states that Truman was in the wrong regarding the A bomb use

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    I’m having an argument about this with a person who is using this as a rebuttal:

    Now go read Hasegawa and/or Toland who document what was actually going on in japan rather than your usual bunch of typical mises he said, she said crap about who was talking to truman. Or read Maddox Hiroshima in History. As he points out absolutely none of the revisionists, like Alperovitz, have ever produced any japanese documents to support what they are saying. Or Compton on MacArthur’s staff who had access to the high level intelligence (magic/ultra) and interviewed many of the surrendering high command officers. Who to a man said they would have continued to fight. Even better read what Gen. Korechika Anami was proposing as a conditional surrender that all the revisionists talk about but never document. Retention of the emperor, self-disarmament, no foreign occupation, and trial of any Japanese war criminals by Japan itself. Hello, yea sure that’s a serious offer we could accept to end the war. Not. Even after hirohito decided to accept unconditional surrender there was an attempted coup to try to prevent it and continue fighting. Didn’t Alperovitz mention any of this? Oops, no he didn’t. I wonder why?

    Any ideas?


    I’ll do some digging.

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