The Stamp Act

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    I noticed in the lecture (Imperial Crisis) that Professor Gutzman states that the Sugar Act affected a larger group of people (a broader incidence) than did the Stamp Act; or at least implied it. I was wondering what references are availabel for this idea, specifically? What I have read seems to imply that the Sugar Act affected merchants more than the commoner as it was a small tax and thus would only hit the ones dealing in mass quantities. The Stamp act although more weighted towards legal documentation was more evident in all aspects of life in that it applied to wills, newspapers, almanacs, pamphlets, and pretty much anything else regarding paper used in day to day commerce. Was it simply the more heavily weighted taxes on legal documentation that gives this impression?


    I recommend Morgan & Morgan on the general subject of the Stamp Act. They make the point that the Stamp Act was devised to hit a narrower portion of the population: people who printed papers, filed in court, bought land, etc.

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