The Present Dystopia

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    @birzer67, I wish I had thought to ask you this during your Live Q & A with Tom a few weeks back: Who’s going to be the first to write the definitive sci-fi novel of the present masked and socially-distanced dystopia? …and what will its title be? Let your imagination run wild thinking about the rich and fertie material the current social disfunction provides. Shrill Karens, the reticent and timid wallflowers, the boisterous and bombastic Blutos, dumping full tubs of water over the heads of other shoppers who dare defy the mask mandates and then screaming in self-righteous, pompous pride and smugness, “Wear a f*cking mask if you don’t like that, Idiot.

    Humans, already disinclined to allow themselves to get “too close” to other humans and make themselves vulnerable to being hurt or injured or discovered, are now encouraged/forced by gub’mint actively to stay aloof from one another. Forced to “hide” and be incognito and faceless behind their face “coverings”, plays right into the human tendency to remain anonymous and and safe. The hypochondriacal obsession with over-clenaliness and germaphobia neurosois. Oh, the possibilities.

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