The FED "Jaw-boning the market" and Subjective Value Theory

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    Hi Eugen….err Bob,

    I had an odd thought this morning as I got ready that I just wanted to put here for a full level of ridicule and laughter.

    I was wondering if the various speeches that the the multitude of Federal Reserve Governors / Chair make that appear to be “jaw-boning” the market (talking up the economy when the economic indicators are weak or even eroding) might be their acknowledgement or experimentation with Subjective Value Theory?

    Perhaps they make statements to not simply move sentiment, but to measure that movement in some way. Either way, I think it is perhaps an acknowledgment that at some level how people feel about things (the economy) is important to the future path of it. (do you suppose they do it subconsciously…..IMHO, if true, that might be the ultimate proof of the theory.)



    I could believe that they think something like, “Our banking and monetary system depend on confidence, and so if we tell everybody things will be fine, then it will be a self-fulfilling prophecy, so we’re not really lying.”

    BTW I will answer your other questions but we are about to go on the Contra Cruise.


    Yes, go on….rub it in: “You know who will NOT be on the Contra Cruise!” 🙂
    But really….enjoy the cruise and make sure you get into some of the
    videos posted with your Karaoke and general hyjinx.

    I appreciate you and all the other Liberty Classroom professors who
    take your time to spread your knowledge to the rest of us.

    I look forward to your “well rested” insights when you get back.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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