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    I’m a member of a political discussion board where there was a recent project to come up with a complete ranking of Presidents. I must say I’ve taken a LOT of heat for my “unfair trashing” of people like the Roosevelts and Lincoln. Evidently I’m completely intolerant to dare question Saint Franklin and Honest Abe, who have been praised by many accomplished historians, so I must be an intolerant bigot. Likewise they are listing people like Pierce and Cleveland near the bottom.

    But thanks to the ammunition from this course, I’ve been able to stand my ground on these issues. The other argument I get is that the Founders would approve what’s going on now because “times change” and they were just a bunch of rich elites and what do they know?

    One of these respondents is him/herself a professor which really worries me, but a few of the others are self-proclaimed conservatives, which worries me even more. But thanks, this course has confirmed my opinions on a few and shed new light on others.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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