Second amendment and James Madison. Re POlitically incorrect guide to American H

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    While discussing the politically incorrect guide to American history by Tom Woods someone linked me to this in regards to the founders thoughts on the second amendment .

    Not sure if that link works.

    The Hidden History of the Second Amendment

    Carl T. Bogus
    Roger Williams University School of Law

    Winter 1998

    U.C. Davis Law Review, Vol. 31, p. 309, 1998
    Roger Williams Univ. Legal Studies Paper No. 80

    Professor Bogus argues that there is strong reason to believe that, in significant part, James Madison drafted the Second Amendment to assure his constituents in Virginia, and the South generally, that Congress could not use its newly-acquired powers to indirectly undermine the slave system by disarming the militia, on which the South relied for slave control. His argument is based on a multiplicity of the historical evidence, including debates between James Madison and George Mason and Patrick Henry at the Constitutional Ratifying Convention in Richmond, Virginia in June 1788; the record from the First Congress; and the antecedent of the American right to bear arms provision in the English Declaration of Rights of 1688.

    Are there any flaws in this?


    No doubt enforcing slavery was one function of militias, though not nearly so systematically in Virginia as in South Carolina and Georgia.

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