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    This is funny:

    This is one of the positives of not voting for Romney that I was thinking about when I did not vote for him.

    I’m pretty sure that our professors here would tell us that there is no need for permission to secede. But, at the minimum I think this is at least entertaining. I live in AZ. There is not yet one submitted for AZ, or for a most states. I read the one from Texas and it was pretty simple, which has some benefits. I was thinking it would be funny if someone drafted one for the remaining states that looked a lot like the Declaration of Independence, but with similar but modern grievances. Maybe it could be a group project here. Not sure if I have the cajones to submit the result for AZ with my John Hancock, but that inspires a good question: how much wine had the founders consumed when they signed and sent off the Declaration?


    People were bolder back then. They were actually willing to risk their lives on matters of principle – not just in large matters, but in personal ones (this is one reason they dueled).

    Today. . .well you might get people to sign petition.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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