Samuel Adams

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    I know John Adams betrayed much of the founding ideals when he became President. However, what is your opinion of Samuel Adams? Where did he fall on the spectrum of federalist and anti-federalist, Jeffersonian and Hamiltonian?


    I hardly know anything about the man, but I do get the sense that he was kind of the “Alex Jones” of his day, or perhaps it should be vice versa…. Didn’t he try to exaggerate the violence of the Boston Massacre so as to fuel Colonial hate of the British? And then I think the other Adams actually (and rightly) defended those British troops in court.

    I may be way off on this, though.


    Sam Adams is great. He opposed the adoption of the Const. without amendments and was always a principled opponent of the central authority, whether it be the British government in London or the U.S. govt in NY and Phil. I have a chapter on him in my PIG to the Founding Fathers.


    He sounds great. Its too bad we don’t hear more about him. I hear he was instrumental in igniting the revolution.

    Do you have any recommendation on books about him? I currently have Ira Stoll’s book on him (I haven’t read it). Is she credible?


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