Rothschild's Napoleon Waterloo totally planned and scripted

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    Overnight, his Battle of Waterloo scam (Nathan Rothschild’s) already vast fortune was multiplied twenty times over. IMO, every aspect of Rothschild’s Waterloo financial massacre was planned and scripted. This includes getting Napoleon out of prison to fight the Duke of Wellington, the Rosthshild’s financing of Wellington, to the lies, everything. Rothschild’s Waterloo financial scam has led to NWO/Fed/Jesuits/ Nazi financing both sides of all Wars, Iraq, Ukraine, Syria, Libya ever since to make a buck.
    The basis for the Rothschild fortune was laid during the latter stages of the Napoleonic Wars. From 1813 to 1815, the Rothschild family was instrumental in the financing of the British war effort, handling the shipment of bullion to the Duke of Wellington’s army in Portugal and Spain, as well as arranging the payment of British financial subsidies to their Continental allies. Through the commissions earned on these transactions, the Rothschild fortune grew enormously.
    According to popular legend, when the Battle of Waterloo was being fought in June 1815, other speculators watched Rothschild’s stocks in an attempt to guess who would win. Shortly after the battle ended, and long before anyone else knew who was the victor, he began selling stocks. Everyone assumed this meant Napoleon had won and Europe was lost. Panic selling ensued. When prices crashed, Rothschild bought everything in sight and made a profit.


    You’re saying that the outcomes at Quatre Bras and Ligny were scripted too? Was Ney’s execution pre-ordained? Blucher’s men showed up just in time due to the Secret Plan? Grouchy didn’t make it because he was in on the scam?

    There’s implausible, and then there’s this theory.

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