Rockefellers, WEF, and the Globalist ambit


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    Looking for eminent/serious scholarship on the Rockefellers, Bill Gates, WEF, political dynasties, the think tanks, and their ilk with specific emphasis on their penetration of American and international society.

    In other words those most upstream— poisoning the river and wellspring of free thought. The ones marionetting the court intellectuals and the opinion molders through which all prevailing history, philosophy, and more broadly education filters down from.

    For reference I’m covered on the standard Rothbard works and Mises Institute resources and other various populist narratives and timelines throughout the 19th and 20th century. Please no “Creature from Jekyll Island” etc etc. I’m pretty set on banking.

    I’m really looking for someone with talent to present an eminent, thoroughly researched almanac of historical fact, tracing and enunciating the axiomatic populist narrative that runs through it. A compendium of these various elites’ evil, public deeds and thoughts. A collection of relevant institutions’ white papers, projects etc. with attached intelligent condensed analysis.

    With specific emphasis on investigating the birth of the entire constellation of elite influence up to our present day. Examining the paradigm & the connections and extent of the current entrenched political and financial elite— the decision makers — the rulers.

    I think it might be too much to hope for a serious scholarly book given that I’m not aware of it— but if someone knows of one please recommend the veritably mighty work!

    I suspect there is someone out there of talent with articles chronicling these research interests who has somehow escaped my nose. Perhaps even a website with a library of ongoing relevant resources— books, articles, documentaries etc. Of note— I prefer written material if possible.

    Please note any serious candidate resource(s)must be scholarly.

    Thank you in advance for your help and recommendations— I sincerely appreciate it.

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