Repatriation of German Gold

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    In the most recent episode of the “Keiser Report” Keiser asserts that the German Central Bank (Bundesbank) repatriates all of its gold reserves in France and 20% of its Gold in the US to prepare for the coming currency war.
    But what has the repatriation of gold to do with a currency war, where countries try to devalue their own currencies?



    I think it’s more of a hedge against further devaluation. If the Euro goes to pot, Germany would want a currency of their own. Having gold on hand may give them the option to back a future currency.

    I’ve heard this is the case for China as well. They are buying lots of gold to make the RNB more attractive in the world markets and to possibly replace the dollar as the world reserve currency.

    But who knows what these bankers really want. They all work in the dark.


    Here is the Bundesbank statement on repatriating German gold:

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