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    The two lessons about the Puritans are very interesting from a historical perspective; however, I find the whole Catholic and Protestant religious systems to be the craziest hodgepodge of beliefs that have ever been invented–from the pagan doctrines of the immortal soul, Original Sin, predestination, etc, etc. I’m in total agreement with Jefferson in his quote about Calvin and his TULIP. The only writers I’ve found that make sense of the Bible and theology are Joseph Priestley and Thomas Belsham, both dissenting English Unitarian ministers. I lived in Colombia for two years and witnessed firsthand the unbelievable superstitions and nonsense of Catholicism. For its part, Protestantism is but a watered-down offshoot.


    I’m Eastern Orthodox, and I lived in Panama for four years: I agree with you about Latin America, Catholicism, and Protestantism. I could say a thing or two about Unitarianism too.

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