Puppet Masters!

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    Do you think there are masters behind the throne? Certainly presidents are selected and not elected and we seem to have a duopoly that just steams rolls toward their own agenda. What is your opinion on books like “Creature from Jekyll Island,” and “Tragedy and Hope”?

    Do we have a scientific technocratic elite, military-industrial complex, and banksters that really run the show? Like Bilderberg, Tri-lateral commission, and the CFR.

    How powerful and influential are the agendas, and proponents of globalism, eugenics, geo-engineering, and Tran humanism.

    Jason Jewell

    If you are asking, “Is there an Establishment?” then the answer is yes. There’s no need to try to uncover super-secretive organizations or cabals. The evidence is all there in the boring journal articles in Foreign Affairs and similar publications. Powerful interests manipulate public affairs in their own interest, and for the most part they do it out in the open.

    Maybe this is not answering your question. If not, could you be a little more specific?

    I don’t know much about most of the things you mention in the last paragraph.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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