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    I am wondering if you talk in detail about the creating of the Pledge of Allegiance, the story behind it and the founder of it in any lectures?
    They say the man who wrote it was a socialist and put the clause “indivisible” in there to make Americans believe that there is no way the America can divide. I have only recently started to hear this, and I am really interested in learning more about the story behind the pledge and why we adopted it. I am now convinced this is the best place to find the truth, so any help would be appreciated.



    Francis Bellamy wrote the pledge in the early 20th century. He, like his more famous cousin Edward Bellamy, was a utopian socialist who understood that “nationalism” and “democracy” were more palatable terms than socialism, and he believed that if you could indoctrinate children to recite a pledge at an early age, they would be fully incorporated into the nationalist agenda by the time they were adults.

    He had two goals in mind: 1) as you say to erase the idea that the United States could be divided and to drive a nationalist agenda and 2) to make Americans believe that “liberty and justice for all” was one of the core principles of the United States; he stole that from the goals of the French, not American, Revolution: “liberty, equality, fraternity.” Most also don’t realize that when children first recited the pledge they gave a salute similar to that of the Nazi salute. It was only changed during WWII after FDR and other Americans figured out that it smacked of fascism (still does) so you now put your hand over your heart.

    Hope that helps.


    Thank you Brion. Yes, that does help.
    Because I like to have resources, I can’t help asking: where do you get your information? Books, articles? If it’s not too much trouble, I would love to know.

    What you said is very disturbing. Does this mean we shouldn’t be reciting the pledge every school day etc? I’m just a little confused about what to think and whether or not I should be saying it. My family all say that there is nothing wrong with Pledging allegiance to the Republic. Also in their mind they are saying the pledge to remind them of the Liberties and Principles the Flag represents, they are not thinking of the socialist history or agenda behind it.
    What do you think?


    I’ve been leaning more and more in the direction of not saying it any longer, more for religious reasons however. My faith is such that Christ is my King and alone deserves my pledge of allegiance. I imagine what it would be like for a Christian in Nazi Germany or some other country to pledge allegiance to a state and can’t think of how it’d be morally justified. The difference in morality of the states is simply that of degrees anytime it goes beyond its morally justified role of enforcing justice. As a Christian I am obligated to submit to the the state with all its injustices that are committed against me (mostly theft of wealth, but I’m also registered so could be involuntarily enslaved/conscripted) but I cannot willingly be an ally of a state that regularly commits fraud, theft, murder, enslavement, etc rather than protect its people against those actions.

    As a kid in school I used to mutter “Tennessee” in place of U.S. because my dad raised me in a good states’ rights foundation, but the same principle would apply there.


    When the pledge is recited at church or other public venues, I don’t participate until the part “under God” and then shout “divisible, with liberty”. Those are the parts I agree with.

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