Our “New ‘Nited States”

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    Not until retirement did I actively seek alternatives to my conventional education (NJ). The “missing link” between “causes of the Civil War” in current day practicality for me is my cigarette smoking which I RELIGIOUSLY swear by. The “link” there (laughably?) are Tariffs of Abominations and the punitive way legislation rationalized these abuses of funds. Hello? How would these disincentives benefit the Slaves (future employees)? Couldn’t it be argued that as inhumane as Slavery may have been these “oppressed” people were IN THE PROTECTIVE CUSTODY of their owners so why turn owners against their protegees and vice versa? The relation to cigarette taxes which are soaring I think in a similar NO CONSIDERATION BEING GIVEN TO THE TAX PAYERS (smokers) AS TO THE EXPENDITURE OF THESE FUNDS COLLECTED ON OUR BEHALF. In other words these taxes are to benefit the smoker obviously by discouraging cigarette smoking but of course the “gist” not only are smokers never consulted but where is the evidence that any of these funds are being spent appropriately. I imagine that Southerners never benefitted from these high tariffs excuse the expression I call it a form of embezzlement since Democracy SHOULD be the system used to elect representatives who ensure that taxes BENEFIT TAXPAYERS. Wouldn’t this be “taxation WITH representation”?

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