Obama and Wall St.

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    I was just on opensecrets and saw that Romney’s top 8 employers of contributors are large banks. I am curious about why the banks would desire Romney so much more eapecially since Obama has eatablished a record of being pro-Wall St and even Romney’s rhetoric, sincere or not, has shifted against the Fed and Wall St.


    Isn’t the same true for Obama? I was under the impression that the banks donate to both sides, so they own whoever ends up winning regardless of how the vote goes.


    I think its obama’s anti wall street rhetoric. He’ll take their money and go along a bit but his ideology is antithetical to big business and wall street


    For the reasons mentioned so far. Initially the banks were still close to Obama I think. Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan Chase was considered a possibility for the treasury for some time but things turned a bit sour between them. I think Dodd-Frank wasn’t too popular either.

    The one I find the most damning though is Jeffrey Immelt who was paraded by Obama initially and now Immelt is going for Romney which is a bit embarrassing for Obama.

    Charlie Gasparino has written a book on the relationship between Obama and Wall Street and he goes into how Obama wowed Wall Street in 2007.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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