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    Hello Liberty Classroom!

    Having spent many years studying Austrian economics on my own, I have been peripherally aware of the neoclassical school and its methods. However, this semester, both my Micro and Macro (graduate) courses are purely of the Neoclassical bent (Solow models, production functions, etc.), and I find that I am struggling to keep my head above the raging sea of graphs and formulas.

    Herbener’s lectures have helped, but can anyone recommend any additional materials to help me combat this material – if for nothing else than to help understand the neoclassical framework?



    For macroeconomics, take a look at the books by Snowden and Vane The Development of Modern Macroeconomics and A Macroeconomics Reader. Also, take a look at Roger Garrison’s book, Time and Money.

    For microeconomics, take a look at one of the older microeconomics textbooks like C.E. Ferguson’s book, Microeconomic Theory.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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