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    Hello, fellow Liberty classmates,

    I am nearing the one year mark here at Liberty Classroom and I can’t wait to renew my membership. Even if I learned everything i needed, to my satisfaction, I would still stay on to support the site and its magnanimous professors.

    Unfortunately, after almost a year, I have only caught the last ten minutes of one Live Session(by pure luck). What is the trick here? I have heard Tom say he sends out email notifications to members, did I forget to sign up for something? The LC blog doesn’t seem to be updated enough to warrant daily checking. Please let me know what you know?

    Many of you have blogs and websites where you expound your views on libertarianism, current events, whatever. I am interested to know what you are up to. So I offer this thread for you guys to share your blog and website locations.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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