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    So, my request is two-fold.

    1. If people know of any great pro-liberty blogs [in addition to the ones I include below] that they follow, please list them or provide links.

    2. If anyone who posts in these forums has their own blog, please post a link to it so I can follow it and learn more liberty.

    Here are some good ones I follow:
    – Mises Daily


    I had the same idea:


    Try and their blog

    #19364 isnt bad even though they were uncharitable to Tom woods a few years back
    You’ll find as “libertarian” organizations move closer to the mainstream the worse they get
    Like the Cato institute
    They can still make some valid points


    Zero is a good source of economic information


    Zero Hedge I like, but it’s hit-and-miss; there’s a fair bit of chaff with the wheat. Still, it is where I tend to go first for economic news-of-the-day.

    People already mentioned a lot of the “top” ones, but here are some that haven’t been mentioned yet:

    Not a blog, but I usually check out Peter Schiff’s Youtube channel a couple times a week to see if there are any new uploads (I also check out Mises Media’s Youtube channel a couple times a week for the same reason).


    Hey guys,

    I do in fact have my own blog, titled “Dude, Where’s My Freedom?” available at I update three times a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings. I’m still young and have a lot to learn, my site is nowhere near the quality of intellectual giants like Tom Woods and Bob Murphy (whose blogs I also visit daily), but I’m taking on the Tom Woods and Gary North challenge of just starting, getting my ideas out there, and hopefully slowly building a following and getting better. Any support is greatly appreciated!

    Another suggestion I have isn’t a blog, but rather a Facebook page, titled “I Bet Ludwig Von Mises Can Get More Fans Than John Maynard Keynes. The page is probably the best pro-liberty news aggregator I’ve ever come across. It has MANY different moderators, so the quality can be somewhat hit or miss, and the moderators have a wide range of opinions, but all are generally pro-Mises and most of the links they provide are quite interesting. I get a lot of my material from them. You can find it at


    While not a blog, Sibel Edmonds Boiling Frogs Post is a great source of news from independent and worldwide sources, cutting through the MSM BS. She’s a fan and supporter of Ron Paul and the site offers access to some great podcasts and other opinion pieces apart from a daily news roundup of stories frequently censored by the MSM. She is a government whistleblower, has a great book out about her experience fighting the US Gov, and relies solely on subscriber and user donations to fund her site so as not to taint any of the news and information that gets disseminated on her site. Very worthwhile to check out.


    I have my own blog at

    I call it The Free Market’s Alibi because of how often the consequences of government regulation are blamed on the free market. The free market could not be guilty, because it wasn’t there. There was no free market!


    Clever name. ^_^

    SmartMuffin – your blog’s not bad at all! I like that you update it regularly, too.


    These are great suggestions! Don’t forget Professor Jewell’s blog:

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