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    I am reading an interesting book from the late 70’s titled “Spooks: the Haunting of America…..” by Jim Hougan. It details intelligence operations (from all corners of the spook millieu) including Watergate, the CBS War to oust Papa Doc, and…..well im only 98 pages in but it is fascinating. However, I paused when I encountered this:

    “Infatuated with the goldbug theories of crank economist Ludwig Von Mises and with the stern “positivism” of Ayn Rand [Michael] Oliver fixed upon the Bahamas’ Abaco as the site for his future utopia. having learned his lesson on the Minerva Reef, the libertarian resolved that revolution rather than landfill was the best means to a new republic.”

    “Crank” economist comment aside, is anyone here familiar with Michael Oliver’s Minerva or Abaco prjoects? I have heard Doug Casey mention it before and I am not sure if he was involved, but someone who was involved was Mitch WerBell a fascinating character from the world of espionage detailed in Jim Hougans book. Hougan is obviously scornful of libertarians but his account of the intelligence involvement with Olivers projects is intriguing.

    If anyone is interested in the intelligence relationship with Michael Oliver’s “libertopian” projects detailed in Hougans book ill provide a summary.

    Thoughts, comments?


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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