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    I just became a subscriber yesterday and I am so impressed with the content of the materials. I decided to start with the Western Civilization to 1500 class. I am intrigued by this conversation about the ancient pyramids and how they were made. It looks like I am a couple years late joining the conversation but I have a hypothesis on how the ancient Egyptians might have moved these large stones around. First off let me start by saying that I am a Christian and I believe the Bible to be inherent. I believe in a literal seven day creation and that the world is about 6,000 years old. If this is true, it is also possible that the Egyptians could have used dinosaurs in the building of the ancient pyramids. This idea seems far fetched in the eyes of main stream science, but I don’t believe this idea is any more absurd than some other theories about how the pyramids came to be. If dinosaurs lived with man, which I believe they did, then it is very possible there were still some in existence when the Egyptians built their pyramids. I’m not saying this is how it happened but it is interesting food for thought. Thanks


    Dinosaurs and man never existed together. Dinosaurs lived between 230 and 65 million years ago, This was many millions of years before the first humans existed.
    But lets suppose dinosaurs and humans did co-exist during the Old Kingdom period, how would the Egyptians tame and train dinosaurs to help them build the pyramids?


    How do you know dinosaurs never existed with man? Were you there? We have been indoctrinated by the textbooks to believe that dinosaurs never existed with man but the Bible tells us something much different. I am not wanting to get into a debate over the age of the Earth, although I could if I wanted. I believe there is plenty of evidence that dinosaurs existed right along with man and it is even possible some of them are still alive today. In regards to your question about how the Egyptians might have trained and tamed the dinosaurs, no one really knows. We must not assume that dinosaurs acted like what we see in Hollywood on the big screen. Their temperament might have been something totally different then what our preconceived notions would indicate. How do circus performers train elephants, tigers, lions…? There probably wouldn’t be much difference between training a lion and training a dinosaur. None of us will ever know exactly how the Egyptians built the pyramids but I think it is naïve of you to totally dismiss the possibility that the Earth may not be millions of years old and that the dinosaurs couldn’t have possibly existed with man. Thank You for your reply and I hope I don’t offend you by my comments. I have plenty of information about the age of the earth and dinosaurs if you would like to further explore the topic.


    Of course I wasn’t there, the same goes for anyone alive today. I also wasn’t there when Alexander the Great conquered the Persian empire.

    “I believe there is plenty of evidence that dinosaurs existed right along with man and it is even possible some of them are still alive today.”
    I’m intrigued. What’s the evidence?

    “but I think it is naïve of you to totally dismiss the possibility that the Earth may not be millions of years old and that the dinosaurs couldn’t have possibly existed with man.”
    I didn’t mean to offend you. I was simply considering the theory you proposed. I just think this particular one doesn’t seem plausible. No need to say I’m naive.

    We probably won’t agree since I personally don’t believe in god or everything the bible says. But I’m sure we can at least agree to disagree. Still I’m interested in what you have to say about it.

    Anyway, I wanted ask you since you just joined: how are you liking the course so far? What lesson are you up to? How often do you watch a lesson?


    Thanks for the discussion and I’m sorry about the naïve comment. Sometimes the filter between my head and in this case my fingers doesn’t work properly. It will make it hard to convince you that my theory is plausible because you don’t believe in the God of the Bible. I would love to present you with some fascinating information about dinosaurs and how they fit in with the Bible. Give me a few days to narrow down the information for you. There is so much written on the topic of dinosaurs and creation science it will be difficult to just present the “high points” but I think I can do it. I do enjoy the course immensely. I have listened through lesson 16. I have a job that allows me to listen to about 6 or 7 hours a day on most days. I plan on listening every weekday but I am afraid I might develop information overload.

    I really wish that I would have discovered History and Economics when I was in college instead of age 36. I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Liberal Arts from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale but I am not using my degree and frankly I’m not sure if there is a good use for my degree. How about you when did you discover that you had an interest in History and Economics?


    I started with Western Civilization I. I figured chronologically it starts first anyway so I might as well start with that. I began taking lessons in January as part of my New Years Resolution.
    I came in knowing absolutely nothing. Made a lot of progress so far. Doing a video or 2 each day sounded easy enough in my mind but eventually I had to take an occasional break from all this new information. I’ve watched all these videos multiple times plus I’m taking Western Civilization with Tom Woods at Ron Paul Curriculum as well. Hearing it over and over helps to remember it.

    History used to be my least favorite subject back in HS. When I found out I was libertarian (a few years ago) I started getting more into politics and I realized how important knowing history and economics were to fully understanding a lot of the things people are talking about.

    I guess it’s just as well that we took an interest in these subjects later on and are learning them from trustworthy sources as opposed to believing what left-biased institutions would have us believe.

    Yea, I don’t think a degree in liberal arts is something that is really in demand. I’m going back to grad school to get my masters in Accounting. I know there is good demand for that.


    Six years ago I developed a heart condition and was basically staring death in the face. Thankfully now I am fine and healthy but when one is confronted with mortality you tend to view life differently. Up to that point I had been a Christian for 12 years but I didn’t really know if what I believed made sense. I became skeptical of a lot of things including government, the pharmaceutical industry, main stream media, science, and even my faith. Up to that point in my life I had been a sheep that believed anything the main stream media told me. I never questioned anything and I certainly didn’t have a critically thinking mind. Since that time I have been trying to live life to the fullest by enjoying every day like it is my last. Over the last six years I have been researching the Bible, History, Science, Politics, and Economics and my worldview has changed tremendously. Another big role in my thought transformation was my three children. It is my responsibility, as their father, to teach my children right from wrong and I didn’t want them being indoctrinated by the main stream like I was. I wanted them to be able to think and learn for themselves what was right and wrong.

    The first thing I started studying was why the Science books claim that the Earth is millions or billions of years old when my Bible says that the Earth is only thousands of years old? Somebody has to be wrong. I found that prior to the 1700’s few believed in an old Earth. Most people held to the Biblical account that the Earth’s age is about 6,000 years old. The idea of millions of years really took hold in geology when men like Abraham Werner, James Hutton, William Smith, Georges Cuvier, and Charles Lyell used their interpretations of geology as the standard, rather than the Bible. If you would like further study on the age of the Earth this is probably the best resource https://answersingenesis.org/age-of-the-earth/how-old-is-the-earth/.

    Once I was convinced that the Earth was thousands of years old instead of millions or billions, I wondered how the dinosaurs fit in. I’ll just tell you what I believe and then give you some links that would give you some further information. I believe that God made the dinosaurs on the sixth day right along with the other animals and they lived right along with man. About 4,000 years ago there was a world wide flood and dinosaurs were preserved right along with the other animals on Noah’s boat.

    After the flood the Earth was much different than before the flood. The oxygen levels and the air pressure was much lower after the flood than before. It is possible that the dinosaurs had trouble adapting to the Earth after the flood which made repopulating difficult. As result of the environmental change the next generation of dinosaurs were probably much smaller then the ones before the flood. Also, there were about 2,000 years before the flood that the dinosaurs had time to grow. It is a fact that reptiles never quit growing. So between the beginning of creation to Noah’s flood the dinosaurs had plenty of time to grow quite large. The same principle holds true for humans. There are some bones in the human body that never stop growing such as the forehead and pelvis. This information could tell us why dinosaurs grew so big before Noah’s flood and might explain why we don’t see many reptiles or “dinosaurs” that are as big as some of those found in fossils today.

    As Noah and his family repopulated the Earth I’m sure that they didn’t want some kinds of dinosaurs living close to them, much like we don’t like wolves or mountain lions living close to us. I would assume that man probably killed some of the dinosaurs that they felt were a threat to them. It is also a possibility that the dinosaurs were driven to less inhabited areas. There are some pretty remote areas today where people claim to have seen dinosaurs. In the Congo in Africa there is a creature called Mokele-mbembe. I’m sure you have heard of the Loch Ness Monster and there have been numerous sea creatures that have floated up to shore that can not be identified. I believe this shows that dinosaurs didn’t live all that long ago and that some of them might even live today.

    Dinosaurs have been documented in history by eyewitnesses such as Marco Polo, Herodotus and Alexander the Great. There exists today dozens of cave drawings, mosaics, sculptures and paintings of dinosaurs from ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Cambodia, Europe, Australia , North America and all over the Earth. Chinese culture is filled with stories of dragons, which is what a dinosaur was called before 1842. There are stories of Chinese emperors that had chariots pulled by dragons. There are Ica stones from Peru that depict dinosaurs chasing humans. I could go on and on but I am sure you are tired of reading my ramblings. You can check out more information from http://www.answersingenesis.org, http://www.icr.org., or creationtoday.org,

    All of the above information is why I think it is possible that dinosaurs could have played a role in the building of the pyramids. I am not saying that is what happened but I think it is a possibility. Thank you so much for conversing with me on this topic. I have enjoyed revisiting this information on Creation Science.

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