Joel McDurmon, Restoring America?

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    I ran into a modern thinker many of you may be very interested in. I’ve not been so excited about seeking information from someone since many years ago when I first found Tom Woods and he had all of about 6 youtube videos to seek out at the time.
    Up front he has an intensely biblical perspective. So if you don’t like that, don’t bother reading any further 🙂
    Until a few months ago I was basically of the mindset that our federal leviathan needs to crumble under itself. That being the only, though painful and messy, way to make things better.
    Anyways, he wrote a great book.
    And a youtube course to go along with it. Three videos per chapter on the basis of; what is the problem?, how did we get here?, how do we fix it?
    I am quite excited just to find a deeply rooted systematic theology that lines up completely with my views of political science.
    I think any Christ following members here will be delighted to go through his material. Its hard to find bible toting leaders who will claim the roots of many problems today are because of Hamilton’s coup, otherwise known as the constitutional convention. Honestly I think he should have a place here in the classroom.

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