Jimmy Kimmel and Health Insurance

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    I know this is not about this course, but Bob Murphy knows about health care, and apparently if I post it here, he’ll see it. Sorry if that’s not the right way to do this, but this is an important subject for us to know about, and one close to my heart as I have a child in a similar situation.
    Jimmy Kimmel’s child was born with a heart defect and he gave a monologue last night, mostly about the process itself, but ending up with a plea for continued government funding of medicine and mandates for health insurance.
    This subject of what to do about a child born with a medical condition seems tricky, and this is going to be all over facebook, so we as libertarians need some advice on how to respond. Anyone want to take a stab?


    Here are some links on this general topic:

    Ep. 516 Listen to this Episode; Your Life May Depend on It — How to Secede from a Perverse Medical System

    Ep. 481 How Capitalism Can Fix Health Care

    My general perspective is that the government is making health care artificially expensive, and so people “need” health insurance.

    An important thing to realize is that the ACA situation was not stable. I.e. it’s not simply that libertarians are whining about “stealing from rich people” but hey, Jimmy Kimmel’s kid could get treated. That system was collapsing and the Republicans ironically did Obama a favor by tweaking it, so now the problems will be blamed on them.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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