Jeffrey Hummel's book on the American civil war

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    What are your thoughts on the book, “Emancipating Slaves, Enslaving Free Men: A History of the American Civil War” by Jeffrey Rogers Hummel? I’ve heard references to the book, but I’m curious what your opinions of it are and if it is worth reading?




    Yes, it certainly is worth reading. Dr. Hummel, an anarchist economics professor, makes the obvious point that while the Civil War’s chief result was the liberation of four million people, its other main effect was the subjugation of American citizens to the formerly federal government. Bracing throughout.


    I agree with Kevin’s assessment. Another worthwhile book on the economic ramifications of the War is Richard Bensel’s “Yankee Leviathan.”


    Thanks. I will have to read Hummel’s book sometime in the future.

    Also, thanks for the book recommendation of “Yankee Leviathan”. The description sounds like an interesting read as well.

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