hampton roads charge about slavery

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    “Liberatian revisionism tells us that the Civil War was fought predominantly over States Rights and not slavery. However, if that’s true, why did Jefferson david demand, as a surrender and reconciliation condition, that their legistive status be restored so the could block the amendment before ratification?”

    This dude is drilling this point home: “If slavery was not the grounds for southern secession, why was it the ONLY condition he wanted northern capitulation on in exchange for surrender?”

    I believe he’s talking about Hampton Roads. I’ve taken to reading an account of it here:

    So what it looks like to me is that Jefferson Davis’ delegates didn’t demand slavery continue as a condition of surrender, the north used it as a carrot on a stick to get the south to rejoin and hence the north never gave a crap about slavery in those territories.

    Is this what is going on here?


    Lincoln himself said for nearly two years after the war started that his sole war aim was restoring Washington’s authority in the seceded states. Why not believe him? If he hadn’t fought, there’d have been no war.

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