Are the Article V calls just a Red Herring?

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    Recently ‘great’ people such as Levin and Rush have been pushing this Article V Constitutional Convention idea around.

    After some searching I’ve only found their idea or cause mentioned in passing. Have the esteemed Faculty here at Liberty Classroom already addressed the ‘Con Con’ stuff?

    My own feelings on it are more visceral than I would like so I would be interested in finding a more focused critique. It just seems to me that it is a convoluted and bureaucratic process that ultimately can cause more damage than any supposed good. Even if the Burger ‘machinery’ could ever start. Because of it’s difficulty to start, why not just nullify?

    So, it just seems like an establishment red herring thrown out to keep the public, especially the right, begging for scraps at the U.S. Government table.



    Hello Dan,

    Will you consider posting this in US history since and US constitutional, forums, for Kevin, Brion and Tom’s take on this? You have a great question here and I don’t want to see it get lost in the general discussion forum.

    Here is an interesting article I came across.


    You’re right, although it’s only been four days… I’ve typically gotten faster response from the Faculty… I’ll place it in Constitutional History cause it seems to fit the best.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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