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    Dr. Jewett,

    I am trying to recall if there was any mention of the medieval church inquisitions in this course, and I can’t find anything in the titles to suggest this.

    Wouldn’t this have been a contributing factor regarding the eventual Enlightenment, development of secular philosophies, and the Reformation? This is a pretty important, though infamous, part of church history…

    This seems like an area that must have had a major impact on western civilization, and would have influenced subsequent trends in social, political, and religious thought.

    Now that I have been through all the lectures at least once, I am beginning to reflect a little more on various issues.

    Thank you so much.
    Bonnie Anderson


    The inquisition is covered in “Lecture 38: Crusades – Domestic.”


    follow this link to a friend Dave Armstrong, he has many articles which list all the references (books) that were used to bring light to both protestant and catholic inquisitions. Many are amazed at what they don’t know and what they think they know because of severe biased and even down right deceitful information. he has tons of references both protestant and catholic.

    other authors are Jonathen riley smith, Thomas Maden but they deal with crusades


    Thank you David for pointing this out. I had to skim through the lectures pretty quickly, and had forgotten where this was mentioned. Unfortunately I haven’t had time to dig into the resource pages, either.

    Appreciate the replies.


    Jpsfirstrespone, thanks for the link.

    Jason Jewell

    Bonnie, in addition to the info in Lecture 38, I should point out that the more notorious Inquisitions (such as the one in Spain) are driven by State interests more so than by the Church.

    Moreover, the cumulative total number of people killed by Inquisitions throughout all the centuries of the Middle Ages and early modern periods is less than the number of Roman Catholic priests killed by Spanish Leftists in the summer of 1936. Why should the former be considered a “major impact” on Western civilization if the latter is not?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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